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[Archive] H-BRS Keynote at Talent Conference in China

Mittwoch, 16. September 2020

As an expert in innovation and technology transfer between academia and industry, H-BRS was invited to introduce its profile and experiences at the Grand Yinzhou Talent Conference 2020 in Ningbo, China, a very important port city, located in the Hangzhou Bay Area of Eastern China, near the Yangtze River Delta.

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by Zhanlu Ma-Högemeier

At the opening ceremony of the one-week lasting international conference, Professors Jürgen Bode and Dirk Reith together performed the Keynote Speech Transferring technology between academia and industry.

The speech contained transfer experiences and strategies and presented selected research fields of H-BRS. It was aimed at identifying transfer opportunities with Yinzhou in strengthening the regional economic and innovative eco-system. The audience was composed of talents, investors, start-ups and corporate representatives from China, Germany and the US, government officers and mainstream media.

As one of six guest experts, Dirk Reith also joined the roundtable conference: Significant Enablement by Emerging Powers, Sino-Germany Collaboration via Innovative Yinzhou, a discussion on Sino-Germany crossborder technology talents joint cultivation cooperation. The panellists came from German and Chinese universities, institutes and enterprises, all with extensive experiences in intercultural cooperations.

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One million viewers on live stream

The online live streaming of the ceremony gained remarkable attention, with around one million views. The performance of H-BRS to conduct marketing and gain exposure at the Yinzhou Conference, is an initiation of prospective cooperation opportunities with local government and enterprises.