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The BIGLive - a band of H-BRS Alumni

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"Preposterous ass that never reads so far to know the cause why music was ordain'd! Was it not to refresh the mind of man after his studies or his usual pain?"

At the suggestion of the President  and founder in spring 2005, even our University's Student Committee (AStA) took to heart what Shakespeare had stated 400 years before. The President organised the first meeting for students and lecturers who are enthusiastic about music so as to found an official university band. Now the combo consists of approximately 16 amateur musicians from different departments.

As a cover band for various songs and musical styles, the band is also booked outside official events of the University of Applied Sciences, like city festivals, company parties and the like. It draws on a repertoire of 40 songs, which is continuously expanded.

For further information on the band and the musicians please refer to

TheBIGLive on Facebook

10 years of the BIGlive - showreel

10 years of the BIGlive - showreel