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FAQ Graduation Ceremony

FAQ Graduation Ceremony

1. Your contact

2. Date/Time/Venue

3. Invitation/Registration/Admission

4. Dress code/Academic Caps and Gowns

5. Programme/Time Schedule

6. Alumni Network


1. Your contact in the Marketing and Communications Department

Barbara Wieners-Horst (Alumni Management) and Caroline Pesch (Graduation Celebration Coordinator / Event Management).

You can reach us by email to: alumni@h-brs.de

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2. Date/Time/Venue

When will the 2019 Graduation Celebration be held?

On Saturday 26 October 2019 our university will bid farewell to the graduates of the academic year that has come to an end. Following an ecumenical church service the central event will start in the afternoon, followed by a Get-together (until 10 p.m.).

Where will the 2019 Graduation Celebration be held?

It will be held at the Telekom Dome, Basketsring 1, 53123 Bonn.

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3. Invitation/Registration/Admission

Who can attend the 2019 Graduation Celebration?

All students of the academic year that has just come to an end (2018/2019) are invited to attend the celebration if they have completed their studies by 30 September 2019.  You will get your invitation as soon as the administration has entered your final grade into the system.

How can I register?

We will provide an online form for registration from June on. Please check the event website.

What if, much to my regret, I cannot attend?

If you are sure that you not attend, we would be grateful if you could send us a message using the online form. Simply click on the box “I’m afraid I cannot attend”.

What can I do if my degree programme is not listed on the registration form?

Please send an email indicating the study programme in question to alumni@h-brs.de.

Do I have to register for the church service?

Yes, you do. Please indicate the number of people who wish to attend the church service on the online registration form.

Do I have to register for the Get-together that takes place after the central celebration?

Yes, you do. Please indicate the number of people who wish to attend the party on the online registration form.

How much is admission/the registration fee?

There will be no registration fee. You may buy drinks and snacks at the location (no dinner)

How can I make changes to my registration?

If you wish to make changes to your existing online registration, please tick the box “Change registration” on the registration form and then complete the form again. Please note that your name and email address must be identical to your first registration.

How many people may I bring along?

The number of accompanying people is restricted to four (i.e. five people, including you).

May I bring along pets?

No, we are afraid that pets are not allowed in the Telekom Dome.

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4. Dress code/Academic Caps and Gowns/Event Wristbands

What do I have to wear during the graduation celebration, is there a dress code?

You are requested to wear caps and gowns during the central gala event. There are no requirements concerning what to wear ‘underneath’ or during the subsequent Get-together - simply wear the clothes that you like and in which you feel comfortable, as appropriate for this festive occasion. Please order the caps and gowns online (see next question)

What do I have to do to obtain a traditional academic cap and gown?

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University cooperates with an external lending service for academic caps and gowns (Robe Academicus). If you are interested, you are welcome to book a cap and gown online. The latter will be handed out and returned in the Telekom Forum on the day of the Graduation Celebration. Academic caps and gowns can either be borrowed for the Graduation Celebration or be purchased as souvenirs.

Important notice: Please note that the price indicated (95 €) includes the hiring fee (25 €) and a deposit of 70 €. You will be reimbursed the deposit after returning the academic cap and gown. Please mind the early-bird-offer.

To book an academic cap and gown, please go to the website of Robe Academicus, Registration code: HBRS2019.

The academic caps and gowns will be handed out between 1 p.m. and 3.15 p.m.in the Telekom dome. Please note that it will not be possible to obtain any caps and gowns after 3.15 p.m.

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7. Keep in touch with your university and join our Alumni Network.

Do keep in touch with the university by becoming part of our free alumni network. Please use this registration form.