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Information for Incomings Students

You are considering studying one or two terms at BRSU's Department of Computer Science and taking the credits back to your home university? The decision where you will spend your term(s) abroad is not easily made and depends on many factors. Beside the social and cultural questions, academic and formal aspects play the major role.

Usually, for a student exchange and the related transfer of credits towards your degree there needs to be a formal cooperation between your home institution and the Department of Computer Science at BRSU. Here are the most important steps you need to take before the start of your stay abroad:

Step #1 – Formal Preconditions

Check if there is a cooperation between BRSU and your home institution that allows for credit transfer. This could be Erasmus+ or other bilateral agreements. Probably, the International Office of your university, faculty or department will be the best address to get a quick answer.

Step #2 – Academic Aspects

Check here for interesting courses in English language. If you have good German knowldege you may choose your courses from all curricula in the Department of Computer Science. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us (international@inf.h-brs.de). We will be happy to help you with the academic organization of your mobility. You should make sure that the credits you will earn at BRSU will be recognized and counted towards your degree by your home institution. Once you compiled your list of courses and projects you should prepare a Learning Agreement as part of your exchange application.

Step #3 – Organization and Logistic

Fill in the application for exchange. With your application you can also apply for a room or an apartment in a student dormitory. BRSU's Welcome Centre will help you with the organizational issues around your stay in the Rhineland.