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Welcome speech

Practically-oriented academic teaching and research in close collaboration with businesses, organisations and social groupings is the central guiding principle of the Department of Management Sciences at the Bonn-RheinSieg University of Applied Sciences.

Since its foundation in 1995 the Department of Management Sciences at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences has seen its role as being based on the idea of building bridges between academic findings and practical spheres of activity. The objective is to provide our students with the support that they need in order to develop into highly qualified managers with good critical abilities who are aware of their responsibilities and able to develop and present solutions to problems independently. In addition to the imparting of specialist knowledge, we attach great importance to the strengthening of students' practical skills as well as their personal development.

Internationality is also at the heart of the research and teaching undertaken in our department – a reflection of practical requirements. We therefore actively foster the intercultural skills of our students and our teaching staff, and we help them to acquire foreign language skills and to be internationally mobile. The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and its Department of Management Sciences is well above the average in the relevant university rankings, and it has continually expanded the range of measures which it takes to improve both the quality of its teaching and research and the support that it provides for students.

In addition, the department is developing its own application-oriented research profile in the field of sustainable business development. Strengthened collaboration with the economic players in the region ensures that the department plays an integral role in the region and the reciprocal transfers of knowledge within it.