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Fachbereich Ingenieurwissenschaften und Kommunikation

Study Extension Computer Science

This Specialisation is about analogue and digital electronic systems. Methods in relevance to practical application should lead to the capability of the students to develop various systems. This is important to be able to handle the constant changes of the technologies and give impulses for ideas of sustainability.

The main courses are in the fields of communication and media technologies, signals and systems as well as analogue and digital software development. These basics are lectured in practical trainings and seminars. Moreover there are certain projects about energy and sustainability. The practically orientated 5. semester prepares the students for their following professions and gives them the chance to get in contact to companies.

This specialisation in computer sciences makes it possible to work in modern and traditional companies, because the graduates have the ability to develope innovative information technologies. They might find jobs in the automobile or machine industry.

Examples are:

  • industry and automobile communication
  • traffic guidance systems
  • connected sensor systems
  • mobile infotainment, broadcasting and mobile communications