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Fachbereich Ingenieurwissenschaften und Kommunikation

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In the beginning students got lectures in basics like journalistic presentation or media production image and sound. This knowledge will be deepened within the following years and applied in certain projects. Students can practise journalistic skills in the university´s TV and radio studio, the online magazine "technikjournal.de" or in the university newspaper "doppelpunkt:". From the third semester on the journalistic themes will be added by courses in communication and media studies and public relations. 

In addition to these basics this study gives a broad knowledge to understand technical contexts. This includes beside mathematics and physics lectures in basics of electrical and mechanical engineering and computer science (technical specialisation) or chemistry, biology and environmental technology (environmental specialisation).

Within the fifth semster students have to spent 20 weeks in an company of their choice to get vocational orientation. It is possible to spent a semster abroad aswell.