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Materials Science and Sustainability Methods (M.Sc.)

Degree Materials Science and Sustainability Methods (MSc)

The bilingual Master ́s programme builds on a Bachelor degree in chemistry, materials science, engineering or forensic sciences.
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An essential idea of the technical sustainability – one focus of research at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University – is the considerate and efficient handling of resources and energy. Many technology branches achieve astonishing results, however they could do it better, faster, easier, more economical, efficient or just intelligent. Particularly this is true for the materials science that provides the basics for these technology branches.

The Master ́s programme broadens and deepens theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of materials development, processing and analysis plus the fields of sustainability aspects as efficient materials, life cycle assessment, conservation of resources and renewables.

Lecture languages of the bilingual programme are German and English. The degree of this Master´s programme is the Master of Science.

Practical and research orientation of the degree programme Materials Science and Sustainability Methods is guaranteed by project-oriented training, by lecturers with professional expertise and by the master thesis that is implemented in companies and external or internal research institutes.