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Study Extension Product Development

Study Extension Product Development

Product development first of all means general knowledge of the origin of products and their characteristics and the idea or the requirements to the finished product . But Product development as well includes the product development process as a methodical process. This requires knowledge of materials ( Materials Science ) as well as knowledge of modeling and simulation, production processes or quality management. Rapid Prototyping and Engineering are just two key words that symbolize the high demands of modern product development.

Specific study content

The special curricula or modules form the broad field of knowledge of product development from:

- Product Design

- Product Manufacturing

- Engineering Materials

- Design Methodology

- Modelling and Simulation

- Methodical Product Development

In addition there are three projects (block events) in which engineering related tasks from the product development are solved in small groups. Students have the opportunity to choose a specialization in Mechatronics in form of elective courses.


Classic fields of work of engineers in product development are the production or research and development departments. The steady improvement of things, technical advancements and new ideas are needed now if products have to be successful in the market. The methodological development of solution principles, thinking in systems and process chains, design and form of development and construction in an efficient cost-performance point of this are urgently needed. Environmental and Recycling are two other issues that will determine the product development of the future.