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MSc Analytical Chemistry and Quality Assurance Project / Final Thesis & stay abroad

Short Overview of M.Sc. Project and Final Thesis

The Master’s thesis may be carried out

  • at the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences,
  • at one of the partner universities,
  • at another appropriate university or research institute
  • at an appropriate company at home or abroad.

By consent with the examiners, it may be written in German or in English.
The Examination Board will decide on the admission requirements and admission in each
individual case.
Details of the Master’s thesis are regulated in the Curriculum and the Degree Programme Schedule.
The period for working on the Master’s thesis must not exceed five months in study programmes leading to a Master’s degree.
Please find the examination rules for this study on our website.

Recommended Procedure:

  • Search for a supervising professor of our department as well as for a tutor at the training institution
  • Check your admission to the final thesis – did you pass enough modules? (look up the examination rules)
  • Fill in the form “Application for admission to final thesis”. Since the date of approval of subject you have 5 months for the delivery of your final thesis in our department’s office.
  •  Submit your final thesis in the department’s office in due time – 3 copies





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