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German Courses for international students

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For all international students, we have summarised the most important information on German courses and the registration procedure. Below you'll find a short video on how to register for language courses in LEA.

Thank you for your interest in our German courses. This is how you can register for courses of the summer term 2024 from March 4 on:

1) Make sure you have LEA access. You will need a LEA ID to have access to our course offerings and to register for a course. Students who are already enrolled will receive their LEA ID automatically. Those who are not yet enrolled can request a LEA ID from our LEA team by sending an email to e-learning@h-brs.de
2) First, log in to LEA: LEA Login

3) Then click the following link to the list of our German courses and choose the course which best suits your needs:  Registration for Courses of the Language Centre from 4 March until 24 March 2024 / Course offered for late registration beginning 27 March 2024

  • If you have no previous knowledge, a beginners' course (A1.1) is the right course for you.
  • If you already have previous knowledge, please take the DW placement test:
    There you will receive a recommendation for the right level for you.

Please also check whether the German course you have chosen fits into your schedule. Learning German is very time-consuming. We recommend you take only one German course per semester.

Important information for Applied Biology students:
You may only take German as your compulsory language (Language 1 and 2) if you have scored 70 or above in the English placement test. If you scored below 70, you may take German as an elective or as an optional additional subject.


4) Please register for your German course using your LEA ID. This is possible during the following time frames:

As soon as you are accepted into a course, you will receive a confirmation message via  LEA and the course will appear on your personal desktop.

  • During the late registration period from 27.03.2024 to the 2nd course session: Please select the desired category in the "Kursangebot" (course programme) on https://lea.hochschule-bonn-rhein-sieg.de/goto.php?target=cat_79&client_id=db_040811  and click on the activated course there. If there is a free place, the teachers will add you directly to the list of participants for the course. If your application is rejected, you will be informed via LEA by the second course date.

Registration for language courses outside the above-mentioned periods is not possible!

5) Regardless of whether you are accepted on the course, are on the waiting list, or you have subsequently applied for course membership, you will be invited to the first course session. You will receive an email with the most important information a few days before the course starts. During the first course session we will inform the students on the waiting list whether they can be accepted on the course. Students who want to take the German course as a compulsory course will have priority.

Video: How to register for language courses in LEA