Off-campus residence

Incoming students usually live in the student residences run by the Studentenwerk (Bonn Student Administration Service). The international office of H-BRS can reserve rooms in advance for you. You can apply for rooms on the H-BRS application form of for exchange students, which is sent to the Hunan university’s coordinator.

Most of the Studentenwerk buildings are located in the city of Bonn, half an hour by public transport to the campus of Rheinbach. All rooms are provided with internet access, included in the rent. Costs for housing vary between 180 and 300 Euro per month depending on size and equipment of the rooms.

Further information can be found on the website of the Bonn Student Administration Service.
Pictures of a typical residence and its surroundings can be found here.

Alternate Accommodation

Private rooms have to be chosen by the student himself before departure or after arrival. Costs for private rooms are 300 Euro per month and more. Information can be found in the local newspapers or on the following websites: