FPGA Vision Remote Lab

The FPGA Vision Remote Lab is an opportunity to enhance students learning experiences. A prototype of the remote lab has been established during summer term 2016. This remote lab is currently developed further in the course of the FPGA Vision Remote Lab Lecture project regarding reliability and ease-of-use. The FPGA Vision Remote Lab will kick-off in January 2018.
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Key Features of FPGA Vision Remote Lab

  • Image processing on an FPGA:
    Learners can upload and execute an FPGA design for image processing
  • Choice of images:
    Use your own test image or select one of several text images
  • Demonstration mode:
    A demonstration mode allows a quick insight in the capabilities of the system.
  • Login and Scheduling:
    Register yourself to access full functionality and reserve processing time.
  • Reliability:
    24/7 availability due to independent systems at different locations.
  • Availability
    We provide long-time availability. If you plan to use our remote lab for lecture please contact us. As a minimum the remote lab will be available until 2023.

Project manager
Prof. Dr. Marco Winzker

Research associate
Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Schwandt