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Day of the Open Project

tagdesoffenenprojekts_sta_20160122_flessing_img_7724.jpg (DE)
Once a year the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University organizes the Day of the Open Project. Students of the department EMT can introduce their engineering projects they worked on during the semesters before.

tagdesoffenenprojekts_sta_20160122_flessing_img_7724.jpg (DE)

Every january the department EMT invites the members of the whole university and the general public to the Day of the Open Project. The exhibitors show how scientific course content can be implemented in practical and realistic projects the electrical and mechanical engineers worked on within the project weeks. 

The topic fields go from bridge constructions to the development of an bunk bed for refugee accommodation centres. But they have one thing in common: a detailed and accurate engineering planning.

Moreover this day gives school students the opportunity to get in contact with the university and to get information about study possibilities.

In our galery below you find impressions of the Day of the Open Project 2016.