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Social Protection (M.Sc.)

Testimonials & Alumni - M.Sc. Social Protection

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Testimonial MSc Social Protection Alumni - Sayanti Sengupta

Sayanti Sengupta aus Indien, Batch 2018 - Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, Niederlande

"This master's programme in Social Protection is truly special, not only in its ability to create experts in the field, but also because it is highly relevant to the world today. You will gain a set of transferable skills that are invaluable. I highly recommend this programme; you won't be disappointed."

Testimonial MSc Social Protection Alumni - Paul Simfukwe

Paul Simfukwe aus Malawi, Batch 2019 - Ministerium für Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Malawi

The master's program in Social Protection has been immensely beneficial to me. It has put me on the map, as I am the only one with this specific qualification in social protection in my department. Thanks to it, I have been able to become more involved in policy and process issues rather than just the implementation of social transfers."

Testimonial M.Sc. Social Protection Alumni - Abigail Sepenu

Abigail Sepenu aus Ghana, Batch 2020 - Doktorandin, Kanada 

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in interdisciplinary social research in Canada. This master's program in Social Protection has helped me develop a unique perspective, which combines research with a focus on real-life impact and influencing policy. Especially the module on social protection instruments for which we had to write a policy paper and hold a presentation has helped shape my thinking and given me a more critical approach.

Testimonial M.Sc. Social Protection Alumni - Paul Snyder

Paul Snyder aus den USA, Batch 2020 - International Rescue Committee, Deutschland

I would definitely recommend this master's programme for anybody around the world who is interested in social protection, humanitarian aid work or generally working in a field to help people achieve their basic needs and everything they need in order to live a good life. That's what has motivated me and that's exactly what I was able to achieve when I set out to join this programme and afterwards in getting work directly related to field.

Testimonial MSc Social Protection Alumni - Monja Hippers

Monja Hippers aus Deutschland, Batch 2017 - Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, Deutschland

"Looking back at my decision to pursue the master's program, I now realize it was the best course of action I could have taken. The programme helped me transition from a tactical role to a more strategic one by providing me with an understanding of general principles and various social protection schemes. This gave me the ability to come up with new ideas and processes, as well as designs, in the field of occupational accidents insurance in Germany.

I can highly recommend the program to anyone interested in social protection, and I would gladly make the same decision again."

Testimonial MSc Social Protection Alumni - Mercy Mwebaza

Mercy Mwebaza aus Uganda, Batch 2020 - Welthungerhilfe e.V. (NRO), Deutschland

"In my current role, I am required to review proposals, concept notes, and policy briefs to be submitted to donors. These are skills that I acquired through the master's programme in Social Protection, as our exams were designed to demonstrate our understanding of how to write such documents."

Testimonial M.Sc. Social Protection Alumni - Anas Ghonaim

Anas Ghonaim aus Ägypten, Batch 2018 - Sozialpolitikberater

"The master's programme has helped me to improve my writing and research skills, provided me with the tools to analyze data and introduced us to very useful databases. It has opened the way for me to work in policy advising, right now I'm working with a New York based company as an analyst, analyzing economic and political indicators from many regions and reporting on them to our clients".

Testimonial MSc Social Protection Alumni - Sebrina Brown

Sebrina Brown aus Jamaica, Batch 2020 - Planning Institute of Jamaica, Jamaica 

"The master's programme has helped me to concretize my capacity within the field of Social Protection and the wider policy planning in Jamaica. Because it's such a niche area, a lot of people don't choose to study social protection, in particular in Germany. However, it was due to studying this specific Master's programme that I got my first job at the Planning Institute, even before graduating."

Testimonial M.Sc. Social Protection Alumni - Faith Princess Donani

Faith Princess Donani aus Ghana, Batch 2018 - Sozialunternehmerin, Ghana

“Pursuing this master's degree in Social Protection has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has opened the door to a variety of opportunities, including trainings, internships and employment positions in top development institutions like EIT Climate KIC, UN and GIZ, both in Europe and Africa. The course content is comprehensive, practical and applicable to many different social systems. The course content is rich, practical and applicable to many if not all social systems. 

Recently, I started my own clothing business and I must say that the interactive teaching and learning methods, presentations and healthy competition have equipped me with discipline and exposure  and given me the confidence and enthusiasm to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams while still working in the field of Social Protection."

Testimonial MSc Social Protection Student - Marco Ettelt

Marco Ettelt aus Deutschland, Batch 2022 -  Aktueller Studierender

The master's program in Social Protection is a daily learning experience. It brings together people from all over the world who share a common interest in social protection, but may have very different perspectives on the topic. By interacting and collaborating with people from such diverse backgrounds, I've been able to broaden my own thinking and gain valuable insights.


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